Wednesday, January 18, 2006

Back on track...

I think I am back. I can make no promises these days but I think I have returned to the land of blogging:)! Thank you all for missing me!!!

It has been a long couple of weeks in the Baker house. As I type, Brad is in the bathroom trying his hand at plunbing since our little Bishop attempted to flush a seashell down the toilet. I mean he attempted to flush them down TWO toilets. sweet little boy has turned into a quite the little troublemaker. Let's recount the week & why I haven't blogged, shall we?!
Yesterday he mangaged to turn off the refrigerator without our knowledge & ruined an entire fridge full of groceries. The day before that he got ahold of a Sharpie & went & colored on the living room wallpaper, the table in the living room & ALL over his body. That was in the TWO minutes I went in the kitchen to clean up the dinner mess?!?!?!?
Yesterday he got in trouble for school for not listening which is NO big shock because we are battling that at home. It is almost TOO much for a pregnant women to handle. He really is a sweet boy....I just can't figure out why he is acting out?! Do you think heould realize that life is about to change drastically?
Just so it doesn't sound like he is rotten...he is learning the most important lesson he can. We couldn't get in the front door the other day & finally I got the back door open after I found the spare key & when Bish finally realized it was open he siad, "Mommy,'s open!! THank you Jesus!!!" So he is a sweetheart who is very loving....I can't figure out where this behavior is coming from? Me?
SO...that is my life the last few days & should explain the absence...I am not sleeping well & so am very tired & am dealing with some issues. I did want to blog. I did go to the doctor on Monday & got a good report. The heartrate is still 170 & all seems well. We should find out in the next two weeks what it is but I must confess I think it is a girl. Which of course is ironic because I am the only one that wanted another little boy:)! I will be happy either way of course....healthy is all I ask!
I must runl....I need to shower & put the child to bed....Happy Wednesday:)!!


LaShawn said...

IT IS THE AGE!!! We are dealing with the SAME kind of issues with Brodie. It is just the age. Sorry you are not sleeping...neither am I so I feel ya. If you have a little girl I get to keep her lots and spoil her rotten :-)

Summer said...

Welcome back to the land of the living! Don't you feel better after writing all of that down? I told you today on the phone that my favorite thing is to find the humor in everything and blog about it. I have another blog coming probably tonight that will give you a giggle...unless I told you about it on the phone. I can't remember. I went to see the baby again tonight and we have another "C-sections are the way to go" recruit. I asked Candi if she will go ahead and schedule her next baby and she said "Instead of going through THAT again? Oh, Hell Yeah!!" She is up and walking and doing great. Get as much rest as you can, Mama!! Call me later

Kerri said...

I hope you have a little girl...they are so much fun...and Kenzie needs some girl cousins on my side of the family! =)