Wednesday, March 29, 2006


Wow. I just had one of those moments. The kind that make you sit back & did I get here? Maybe I am crazy...I look at my life & wonder how it is mine. How do I have a three year old?!?!? Here's the scene...I was trying to get Bishop ready to get into the bathtub. He looked at me & said, "I can do it, Mommy." REALLY?!?!? You can? How is that possible?! I just look at my life & feel like a kid trying to play house...there is this beautiful little boy calling me Mommy...a LITTLE BOY...not a baby. And here I sit, pregnant again. We ARE having a new little, again. Shawnee, Summer, fellow you feel "grown up?" Or do you just coast along like I do trying to figure it out? I LOVE my life...I love being a mommy & even a wife (most of the time:)....but it seems so surreal at times.

Deep, I know....sorry....must be the hormones:)

It was a LONG day. Bishop beat up a little boy at McDonald's...nice. The mom FREAKED out & Bishop got in trouble...ruined my morning. The mom was really awful. After coming home, Bish hurt himself somehow so I took that opportunity to tell him that he hurt that little boy today. He finally told me that the little boy hit him with a laser...that mom RUINED my morning & her little boy was as guilty as mine. I CAN'T STAND STUPID PEOPLE!!!!!!!! (Must be hormones again....sorry;)

Have a great Wednesday!!!


LaShawn said...

I keep waiting for the moment that I will feel like an adult. I mean...hello...I am about to have my THIRD child. Hell, I have been married, divorced, remarried. I can't grasp it.

Summer said...

Nope, I don't feel like a grown up. I just graduated high school yesterday, ya know? When my ten year reunion hit (even though I didn't go) I thought, WHAT?? Where did THAT ten years go? Now I am a year away from turning 30....HUH? I keep telling my daughter "You know, it wasn't that long ago that I was your age." But in all actuality it was 18 years ago!!!