Tuesday, May 23, 2006

Will this pregnancy EVER end?!?!

We had another doctor's appointment yesterday. Shayden's report was good...her heartrate was 160 & she was moving around like crazy. That was about the only thing good that came from that office. IT WAS A NIGHTMARE!! I dread going to the doctor because mine has been so difficult. I would switch but it would totally screw up my insurance so I am stuck with an insensitive, way too busy OB....LOVELY!! First, we had to wait for OVER an hour to even get to a room...fun times with a three year old. Then we went to the back to check my weight :( & proceed to wait for 30 more minutes (at least Bish was confined to a room at this point.) The doctor came in to check on things & then siad thanks & started to walk out. I was like, "I have questions." She made a big production that it was a HUGE inconvenience to take the time but sat back down. I asked her about the section & she rudely answered my questions. At that point, she discovered a little sticky note in my file that said...NO JUNE 9th!! SO...now I don't have a date scheduled. We had planned everything around the 9th....Tammy's plans, Brad's vacation & now it is all screwed up. She informed me that she had no idea why we couldn't do that but they would reschedule & CALL ME!! HUh?!?!? Do I get a say about it?!? I kept it together until we got to the car...then I fell apart. I couldn't even go to the bank because I couldn't stop crying. These are all very bearable things if you aren't nine months pregnant but this far along...it was more than I could take. I am going to call the office this morning & give them the opportunity to figure it all out & then I will have Brad call & deal with it. He is NOT happy because it screws up his work schedule really bad!
The most important thing is that Shayden seems to be healthy & I know that...I would just sleep better at night knowing when she is coming. Knowing that this pregnancy WILL end!!! Yesterday was a yucky day but Bishop's smiles made things better...I am posting some pics of his new haircut...sorry Gammy:)!! Today will be better...we are going swimming with friends...well, better for us...I don't know about those seeing me in a swimsuit:)!! Happy Tuesday!!!


Summer said...

So did you find out why it said "No June 9th" yet? Glad I didn't put a birthdate on your net yet!!

Kerri said...

Why do the nine months of pregnancy seem like an eternity but the first nine months of a baby's life are gone in an instant?!? Hang in there Shana; Shayden will be here before you know it!