Friday, May 12, 2006

Long awaited pictures:)

FINALLY...I am back on the World Wide Web. I have a good excuse for not blogging this week..our internet has been about feeling disconnected with the world!! How did we ever live without computers?!?!?

Being that I am over a week behind, I had lots of pictures to post. Our new goats are finally making their internet debut...introducing Tammy & Tinkerbell the goats:)!! They are quite cute & a lot more fun...they like to be petted & held. For those that might be wondering about the name Tammy...Bish chose BOTH names himself. I told him that they had to have GIRL names & that is what he chose. Gammy seems to like being ranked up there with Tinkerbell & Lady the train...means she is highly thought of:)! And Tammy has turned out to be the sweetest & prettiest so I'd say Bish did good! Tammy did get injured after only being here a couple of days. She fell & hurt her leg pretty badly. She seems to be doing better...she still limps but is getting around. Lots of prayers have been said for this goat...funny how you get so attached to something you didn't even want!! (Thanks Shawnee for being my goat's prayer warrior:)!!!
Lady is still VERY scared. She will let you stand close to her but she will NOT let you touch her. I DID get to pet her while she ate the other day...she didn't like it but she stayed to eat:)! They are fun to have...they make my yard smell like a barnyard but I'm used to that:)!! I didn't want the little buggers but am enjoying them. I htink Shelah has decided that she is their mommy. She keeps watch over them & has given up her doghouse. Both dogs have pretty much given up the chase...everyone seems to get along.

Last night was Bishop's FIRST school program!! It was SO sweet...but it broke my heart into a thousand pieces to watch. It seemed so surreal that he was old enough to be on stage & belting out "We talk to God." I stood there taking pictures trying desperatly not to cry. It just amazes me that he is three...he walked on stage, sat down, & sang to the Lord...all withOUT Mommy's help. He is my BIG boy now!!! He amazes me EVERYDAY!!

Everything else is trucking along. FOUR MORE WEEKS until we all get to meet Shayden. I went to the doctor on Monday & got a good report. We HAVE scheduled the c-section for June 9 & it CAN'T come soon enough!!! She is quite an active little thing but it is to the point that some of the activity is painful & not cute:)! I still love to watch but I am ready to see her FACE at this point!! We could have another sonogram next week but since it is not absolutely necessary I am skipping it:(! I would love to know how big she is but it would be mean lots of waiting at the office which is not so pleasant with Bish in tow. I am beginning to get anxious about the surgery & hospital...& Bish becoming a Big Brother. I think he will be excited but I know it will still be hard to have to share Mom & Dad after all this time. Brad went to the doctor today to find out about HIS surgery. We are making sure that we have no more babies this time:)! He likes his doctor & doesn't seem nervous at all so that is comforting for me.

I think that is all. I hope that everyone has a wonderful weekend & a WONDERFUL MOTHER'S DAY!!! Happy first Mother's Day Amelia!!!!!

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Kerri said...

Wow...June 9th! That is so close! I know Bishop is going to be a great big brother. I think he's close in age to what Scott was when I was born. And Scott thought I was "prettier than Farrah Faucett." =) Mom found him laying next to me in the crib one time when I was still just a baby...he was a great big brother...sweet and protective of me (still is!) and I know Bishop will be the same! =)