Sunday, May 21, 2006


School's out for summer...YEAH!!!! I am so glad to have a small break before Shayden comes!!! I will miss the paychecks but I NEED the rest!!! Things are pretty much the same around here. Just getting anxious about the new arrival. Brad DID get second place in a golf tournament with his boss yesterday...that is pretty exciting. They were robbed of a trophy but they know they won:)!! We are pretty boring right excitement comes with a good night's sleep...:)!

We did have an exciting Thursday. Brad's cousin, Scott & his family came & stayed with us. He & Amelia just adopted a baby, Micah, from Guatamala. WHAT A DOLL!!!! He is too cute & was VERY happy & calm. Bishop loved him & decided that he wanted to keep him:)!! I wish they lived closer!!!

We had a Splash Day for the last day of school & Bishop LOVED it!!! He would climb to the top of the water slide & wait impatiently for his teacher to send him flying to the end where he would smash into the wall at 80 miles an hour & just LOVE IT!!! Looked painful to me...but he was ALL smiles:)! The pictures above this post are random things in the past week or so:)!!

We will be relaxing today...hope everyone has a GREAT week!!!

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