Monday, May 01, 2006

Good friends...

It was a GREAT weekend and I am sad that it is over!! You can see by the pics that the boys had a BLAST!! I didn't get any pictures of them being Power Rangers but they were just hysterical:)!!! Robin & Caiden got here late Friday afternoon & the weekend had begun. We hung out long enough for Brad to get to say hi & then we were off to buy paint for Shayden's room. We decided since it was after 7 that we should probably feed the boys & went & had dinner before coming home. We laughed at how boring we were...we were spending a Friday night at Golden Corral. Well, that came back to haunt us:)! We had to go get Brad dinner so we didn't make it home until around 9:30 (bad wife, I know;)! Upon arriving at Casa Baker, Brad informs us that there is some severe weather in the area so we need to watch it. No sooner had he said that, the weather man comes on & tells us that there is a line of storms across Wise County (about 3 miles from our house) that has many areas of circulation in it. GREAT!! We can't decide what to do so I finally call my friend Jennifer in town & we all load up & drive to her house. We get there & ALL of her neighbors were standing out in the street...reminded me SO much of Vernon!! Once safely in the house...the news reports that everyone in the vicinity of the Speedway needs to take cover. And then they blow the sirens....LOVELY!! We ended up staying over there until 11:30...we didn't ever have any HORRIBLE weather...I don't think the storm ever actually produced a tornado. THANK GOD!! So...Robin & I retracted what we said about boring...I think I prefer it:)!! Thank you to all of my friends who called to check on us...sometimes the satelite goes out so those calls are ALWAYS welcomed!!!
On Saturday morning, Robin & I got up & went to a neighborhood garage sale in a fancy neighborhood. We only stayed a couple of hours but we had fun. I found Shayden a few things...wish we knew what Robin was having!! We then came back to the house & Robin got busy painting. Sorry it took so long to get these pics internet has been acting screwy! Se painted all afternoon...what a GOOD friend!! It looks REALLY cute! She ended up not having to do a whole lot...we found some crib comforter hangers at the garage sale so that will take up one wall & Brad has to paint something since he painted something for Bish's nursery. I am VERY excited that it is almost looks SO cute!!! Saturday night we got to go out for a girl's night!! WHOO HOO!! My girlfriend, Shawnee, met us in Grapevine & we did a very little shopping & then went to eat at Red Lobster...YUMMMMMM!! It was great to just be out with has been SO long that I forgot how wonderful it can be!! Thanks girlies!! (Elizabeth...I am STILL mad that you did not call my cell phone:)!!!!! Sunday morning was spent finishing up the nursery & getting ready...they had to leave around noon:(! I hate saying good bye to Robin & Caiden!! After that, we drove to Ft. Worth to meet my parents for lunch & took Bish to the mall to play. We came home last night & just vegged. I literally just laid in bed & did nothing for an hour while Brad did homework. It was a LONG weekend but one of the best I have had in a LONG time!!! Hope everyone has a FABULOUS week...can you believe it is May?!?!

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LaShawn said...

You girls did such a good job on the nursery....looks adorable.