Thursday, January 18, 2007


These pictures are compliments of Elizabeth. She took some really cute ones of the kids last weekend when she so graciously baby-sat for us!! She emailed them to me & since I haven't posted pictures since BEFORE Christmas I am SO excited to post them:)! My babies are growing up SO fast!!

Bishop is LOVING school...I can already see such a change in him. He needs that social interaction...he is just like me, he just loves people. He has already made some fabulous crafts & on Tuesday he wrote "L's" He did so good I had to ask the teacher if he did them himself. I guess those tracing books are really helping...thanks Gammy. (If anyone has a toddler, I highly recommend the KUMON learning books. They are GREAT!!) Even on the first day his teachers said he fit right in. THANK YOU MOM & DAD!!! I hate to admit how nice it is for me too...while Shayden is asleep I get some ME glorious!!

Shayden is about to crawl!! She is so close! She can get places scooting & rolling but she will crawl soon. She wants to be walking & insists on standing all the time. I think we may try to find her a walker this weekend so she can stand on her own!

That is all for today....have a FABULOUS TGIF!!!


Mandy said...

Look out world! Shayden is coming!

I will have to find the KUMON books. I bet they would work great in my classroom too for fine motor skills with some kiddos.

Thanks for the tip.

Jennifer said...

They're smiles are contagious!! I actually laughed out loud looking at these pictures:)