Sunday, January 14, 2007

Ten Things I will absolutely NOT do in 2007...
1) watch "The View" and say "gosh that Rosie sure is smart."
2) decide to have another child
3) quit reading & writing in my devotional book
4) take on anymore responsibility at work...taking your kids to work with you may SOUND like a great idea but it doesn't work all that well
5) tell people to call before they come one ever needs an invitation to be here!
6) put my Christmas tree up AFTER Thanksgiving...sorry Shawnee...:)
7) not make time for reading books...I have missed curling up with a book!
8) take my life for granted...everything happends for a reason...God is always working in everything...I am SO blessed!!
9) stay off of the is my vice!
10) buy anymore jeans...I WILL get back into my own!!


LaShawn said...

It's OK...I will just continue to tell you how wrong it is. This coming from me...I just took my tree DOWN today.

brad said...

well it sounds like there are a lot of things that you will not be doing in this upcoming year. I hope that you can spend as much time as ever on the computer and that you can finally get some new jeans. It sounds like this year should be an interesting one.