Sunday, April 22, 2007

Blessings Abound

If you can watch the Home Makeover show without crying then you are STRONG! We are not regular watchers because it is just horribly heartwrenching to watch. But tonights episode is based out of Lawton, Oklahoma (thank you Elizabeth) and we drove by when they were working on it so we wanted to see the story behind it. It is absolutely literally makes my heart ache. I pray that their spirits have been lifted in their new home & that God will continue to work on & through them.

So often we take so much for granted...I am guilty. We are SO very is in watching shows like this that I realize that we are so lucky. So, thank you Lord for all of the blessings that I take for granted...walking, talking, seeing, hearing...a loving family...we are SOOOOO blessed!!!

These pictures were taken today...Bishop being the great big brother that he is took Shayden for a walk up & down the sidewalk in front of Mom & Dad's house. A sidewalk...I can't wait to have one of those where I live....

Happy Sunday!!


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Kerri said...

I love how Shayden has her leg sticking out in the first picture and Bishop has his leg up in the second! So cute! =)

And, I agree with you about the blessings we take for granted. It's so unfortunate that it's easier to be disgruntled about silly things than to count our blessings sometimes. It's all a matter of perspective! =)