Wednesday, April 25, 2007

Flash Flood

Wow. I guess if you have never been in a flash flood then you don't realize how scary it is. I was scared to death. When I got home from picking Bish up from school, I turned on the weather & there were storms with rotation in them all over the metroplex. Being the chicken that I am & yet being smart enough not to stay at OUR house, I drove into town to hang out with a friend. As the afternoon wore on, we decided it was safe to go home. In theory we were correct....
There was a traffic tie up in the five short miles between our house & Jennifer's (thank you Jenn for putting up with us, by the way:). We soon realized it was because there was water over the road. Some cars were crossing it, others turned around...Brad went across, I turned around. Brad got scared...he realized the new saying around here, "turn around, don't drown" made sense. I was smart but was also now 45 minutes from home instead of five. What should have taken me five minutes ended up taking me an hour and a half??!! I was so terrified. It was pouring down rain & there were wrecks everywhere and water was creeping up on the roads. I was wondering if I was even going to make it home the back way. Bishop was crying, I was crying, Brad was freaking because we couldn't get was horrible. PRAISE GOD that Shayden stayed asleep. Lesson learned...ALWAYS have a spare bottle in your car...ALWAYS have a bottle of water...and ALWAYS go pee before you leave...!
We survived & when the storm with tornados hit later, our house didn't blow away so...WHEW & THANK YOU GOD:)!!!

It was a wild day...certainly NOT your typical Tuesday afternoon...I think I have decided I prefer ordianary:)!

Have a FABULOUSLY, ordinary Thursday my friends:)!!


LaShawn said...

The joys of living in Texas!

Ame said...

My Aunt lives in Coppell. She said the whole week has been a roller coaster.

Lindsey D. said...

O my gosh!!! That must have been terrifying! I am scared to death of big storms and living in a trailor house I would have done the same thing you did. I just can't imagine that much water.