Thursday, April 26, 2007


A day in the life of a stay-at-home mom....

6:00 - Brad's alarm goes off for the first time.
6:15 - Brad's alarm again...
6:30 - You guessed it...Brad's alarm again:)
7:00 - Brad FINALLY gets up & on this morning (this is not normal people!) goes & fixes Bish a waffle
7:15 - Shayden starts to stir in the next room so I go & get her bottle ready

By 8:40 somehow we are all ready to go...

9:02 - We drop off Bishop at his class & headed to Jenn's to get her
9:20 - We got everyone loaded & headed back to the church for Bishop's field trip
9:23 - Stop at Sonic for necessary caffiene
9:30 - Pick up Bishop to drive to Gainesville for a field trip to the zoo with 45 other 3 & 4 year olds
10:15 - arrive at zoo & spend 2 FABULOUS hours looking at giraffe's & bears...whoo hoo:)!
12:15 - We head back to Justin to grab lunch
1:15 - Eat lumch & have about 20 minutes of adult conversation
2:00 - arrive home & put Shayden down for a nap
I spent the next two hours SCRUBBING the master bath & packing boxes...OH...& let's not forget LAUNDRY
4:00 - get ready for work...grab kids & head to Mc'D's
4:45 - arrive at work & am bombarded by 10 kids ready for crafts...whoo hoo again:)
8:30 - arrive home after entertaining 40 kids at McD's...parents, I am NOT a babysitter...they are still YOUR responsibility!!!
9:00 - get kids to bed...whew
9:05 - type ridiculous blog because I don't want to go fold clothes...:)
9:30 - I'm off to pretend to fold the clothes while secretly watching Jericho...:)

Good like 2 more hours...




Lindsey D. said...

mmmmmmmmmmmmm... Sounds fun;)

Katie Brewer said...

I do admire you, but it makes all of this worth while when you see your children smile at you when you tell them you love them! I learned that yesterday as I headed home no matter how bad I felt knowing she loves me, I am fearless!
BUt I am sure you already know this.