Friday, April 20, 2007

Fabulous Friday

I haven't blogged on the house in a while because it has been such an emotional roller coaster. One minute things are fine, the next...disaster. It has been quite stressful & very draining. I had no idea that buying a house was this traumatic. At the moment, things seem good. We should close on this house on Thursday, and close on our new one next Thursday. Keep praying...we haven't signed on the bottom line yet!!
Some things have changed since we started this process. We are not getting anywhere close to what we were asking for our house. (Thank you Countrywide & FHA....I hope you don't believe in Karma...:) That has been our nightmare...but thanks to my wonderful parents we are proceeding anyways. Since we aren't making the amount we thought, we were not going to be able to afford a new house. They decided we needed to be back in town & wanted us to move so they stepped in & are helping more than I can ever thank them for. I don't even feel like they should but my very unselfish parents told me, "You will inherit everything we have when we die...we have it to give so why shouldn't we get to watch you enjoy some of your inheritence?"
If you thought people like this don't exist anymore, I am here to tell you THEY DO. They are amazing, selfless people who have done nothing but encourage not only me, but Brad, and many of my friends throughout the years too. So, thank you MOM & DAD...I don't deserve you guys anymore than I deserve such a loving & forgiving Heavenly father. The best thing I can do is try to show my children the same unconditional love & support that you have shown me....I know you learned it from two pretty special people too:).
I love you....
Appetizer: What is your favorite kind of bread?
I am not a huge bread fan BUT I ate at an Italian joint last week called"Pazzo" and the bread they served with marinara was VERY good:)!!

Soup: When was the last time you bought a new pillow?
It has been a while...we have memory foam pillows though so they last awhile!

Salad: Approximately how many hours per week do you spend surfing the ‘net?
I plead the fifth....more than I probably should...

Main Course: What’s the highest you remember your temperature being?
That would be a question for my mom....I don't remember stuff like that!! Bishop had 103 once & I freaked!!

Dessert: Fill in the blanks: When I ____________, I _____________.
When I drive, I SING:)!
When I shower, I SING:)!
When I am bored, I SING:)!
And if Sanjaya can make it to the finals on AI, then I should try out:)! HA!!

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