Tuesday, August 04, 2009

Life for now...

Sh*t happens. *GASP* I know...but I didn't have a better way to put it. Bad stuff happens all the time. Husbands cheat, kids falter, people get sick, friends get divorced, families die...things happen everyday. Things that we dread, things that rock our worlds apart, things that send shivers down our spines...they happen everyday. Jobs are lost, homes are foreclosed on...our world today is sometimes not all that pretty and our economy is more than a little scary. What amazes me in all of this is the blessings that come to those that make it to the other side.

People learn (me included) to appreciate what they have...the little things that make life worth living. Your children laughing, an extra 30 minutes at the pool, extra quiet time with God. When you suddenly realize that life can be gone in an instant...or at least the life you KNOW...what's really important stands out. Bishop asked me the other day what we would do if our house burnt down with all of our stuff. I told him that we would be sad...but as long as he and his sister are okay...I will have all I need to start over.

I have lived at home with my parents for over a year. I have defended myself from countless people...I have justified until I was blue in the face. I finally conceded that people will judge and just left it with God. Only now...when I am facing another year at home waiting to see where God takes us do I realize the very thing I am ashamed of is something to be grateful for. Not grateful because it is a roof...but because my children get to live with their grandparents and when they are older will have great memories of it. Because I get to have conversations with my parents that would never happen if we lived even blocks apart. Because if we want to play cards on a Wednesday night...we can. My kids will remember that for 2 years...they got tucked in by mommy and daddy AND nana and papa.

My life isn't what I thought it would be...but it is still amazing. I still have no idea what or where God is leading my family...but I will wait patiently (well, I will TRY to be patient:) for him to show us.

BLESSINGS mi amigos...:)

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