Friday, August 21, 2009

Who'd have thunk it?

You see this man. see him...but do you know him?? He is my high school sweetheart, my current fiance, and well...he's just Brad. Are you confused? So are most people...don't worry...most everyone else is too:).

It has been a wild ride...but it all had to happen to get us HERE.

My first husband was an ass...yes, my first husband was Brad...and he was a real jerk. But divorce and the grace of Christ have made him a really amazing man, husband, and father. If you knew him before...I promise you don't know him now. Or me, for that matter.

I just wanted him to know how much I appreciate his stay home, to move, to stay...he rocks.

There is power in prayer, my friends...MAJOR power...JESUS power:).


Anonymous said...

I have been a witness to this amazing testimony to the power of Jesus to reconcile a marriage if we allow him. And it is awe inspiring. I can't wait to take pictures that will share your amazing journey with the world.

Love you both!

Brad Baker said...

I love you and am glad that you are thankful for the changes... I couldn't be more pleased...