Tuesday, November 15, 2005


I just realized how bad I have been neglecting our blog. It was a busy week...Brad's sister, Kim, was here visiting & so we were out of our routine & busy, busy, busy. But FUN busy:)! Bishop loved having his "Kiki" here & so did I. She was a BIG help...she cooked & baked & it was nice to have someone around to hang out with. We REALLY wish that we could all live closer together!!!
It was a busy week but an even busier weekend. THREE birthdays....so....Happy Birthday Betsy, Mom & Rick!! Friday was my cousin Betsy's 31st birthday. I didn't get to see her turn ANOTHER year older:)! On Saturday we drove to Wichita Falls to see Brad's dad for his 54th birthday. That was fun & that is where the pictures were taken. After we ate lunch & did some shopping, we took Bish to Lucy park to play. He has a blast playing & getting to see his Papa Rick. On Sunday we had to take Kiki to the airport so she could go home:( & then meet my parents for lunch because it was her birthday!! 29th, right mom?!?!?:) Bishop didn't know what to think about all these birthdays. It was fun though.
Yesterday came & went....we had TOO many errands to run. I was SO tired when we got home & I am exhausted today. We sould be at school right now but Bishop isn't feeling 100% so we decided to keep him home today. I wouldn't say he is sick but I am keeping him medicated & calm today so maybe he will get better instead of worse....here's hoping:)! (And praying:)!!!)
I better run...since I AM home, I need to do laundry & pick up the house....after my nap:)!!!

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LaShawn said...

So glad you had fun with your sis-in-law. Those visits are always great. Especially when it keeps the kiddo occupied :-)