Thursday, November 17, 2005

Psycho Dog

I am blogging tonight about our husky. I think she is NUTS!!! We inherited her from a family that didn't want was either we take her or she would have been turned loose in another neighborhood...great people, huh? So we took her & she is a GREAT dog. She is VERY laid back & quiet & for a long time we thought she had NO personality. She sometimes forgets she has legs. After a few months of coming inside, she was put outside to be with Shaggy. (Shaggy would get upset when she came in so we stopped letting her come in.) Now that she is alone outside, we have begun to let her back in. For a few days she was the same old Shelah. Then a spark began to show in her eyes. She began to prance & walk around a little. And then one night she did the unthinkable...she began to RUN!!! Bishop & Shadow were running back & forth from the living room to the den & she began to follow. It was amazing. Brad came out & we watched in amazement as she began to run circles around the couch & table....who was this dog?!?!? She was careful not to run over Bish but was VERy fast. She has also begun to play with Shadow. Shadow is not quite sure of this seeing as her paw is as big as his head:)! He doesn't get mad...but he does let her know that he is NOT interested. Fast forward to tonight.................
Brad walked into the den & said, "Shelah, ya wanna go outside?" She RAN from the living room into the den UNDER the Christmas tree & sat there a full minute. WHERE DID THAT COME FROM?!?!?! I guess she didn't want to go outside:)! She finally got up (before we could get a picture) & ran & jumped on the couch. She is not allowed on the furniture so she was told to get she did. And then jumped into mY chair in to MY lap?!?!?!? PSYCHO DOG!!! She got down quickly but then ran to the couch in the living room where she laid quietly until someone discovered her breaking the rules. I feel like I have 2 kids already:) Two ornery ones. We are glad that she is feeling more at home & developing a personality...she is something else:)!

Speaking of is normal for a three year old to have a screaming fit & then after he has calmed down to be a sweet little boy?! It is an interesting phenomonon I am encountering & I hope it is normal?!?!?!!


Summer said...

I am so glad that Shelah gets to be inside with the family now. I haven't seen y'all in so long I forgot how pretty she is. Yes, it is normal to throw a fit and then be sweet and cuddly. I do it too! He he!

LaShawn said...

TOTALLY NORMAL!!!!! In fact that is a good sign. Means he knows that he should not have thrown the fit so he is being cute and cuddly to make up!!