Tuesday, November 01, 2005

Halloween, Halloween, TRICK OR TREAT!

How many costumes can we meet? Sorry...that makes since to NO one else but that is what Dora sings on the Halloween episode. We took Bishop trick-or-treating again last night at Grapevine Mills mall. That seems safer to us...no dark streets, no bad weather, & I feel better about candy that comes from a store than a stranger in a random house. If a mall near you has this event, I HIGHLY recommend it. We had a GREAT time. We got to meet up with one of my oldest friends in the world, Shawnee (Frazzled Mom blog;) & her two boys, Austin & Brody & we all went trick-or-treating together!! The boys had so much fun (& so did we!!) Afterwards we went & ate at the Rainforest Cafe...kids in a costume ate free!! Who could resist?! This was the first time since she moved down here that we have been able to get together which is SILLY!! So...a wonderful time was had by all. She is also pregnant along with another of my girlfriends, Jennifer...it is crazy that we are all pregos together...Jenn is due May 1, Shawnee May 10, & me June 20. Don't drink the water down here:)!

Today has been a fairly uneventful day. Bishop has hit his terror hour (for those unfamiliar with three year olds...he does GREAT all day & then for about 30 minutes to an hour of each day, he becomes a monster:)! We are there right now & I have him locked in his room. He decided it would be appropriate to take his diaper off and pee all over the floor. So, he has been banished for a few minutes. Brad came home & disappeared to the Barbie room to do homework. I know it must be done but he didn't even get to have dinner that for once I cooked ..& I am tired so I am ready for school to be DONE!! So...that is all that is new. We did get Shelah a new brush so she is looking better. Wow...we are exciting!!

Alright....nothing else to say. Lyndon & Mandy....CONGRATS!!!!!!! Hope you guys get some sleep:)!!

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LaShawn said...

It is crazy that we are pregnant again together. We had a blast the other night!