Sunday, November 06, 2005

Christmas already?!?!?!

I'm sure most of you noticed that another weekend has come & gone. They are really seeming too short these days. Brad was gone hunting all weekend & all we did was hang out at mom's but it sure was fun. Dad is a GREAT papa...I think he entertained Bishop most of the was a NICE break for me. They went & did the Home Depot thing & went to the park & played cars in the driveway. This allowed mom & I time to go shopping ALONE....what a nice change:)! We went to Sam's Friday night & that was an adventure. We went to garage sales on Saturday but didn't find much & of course found NO maternity clothes since I actually need them:). That is the way garage sales work. Then Saturday afternoon we did the unthinkable....we wrapped Christmas presents?!??! Yes, we are both halfway done with our Christmas shopping & decided to go ahead & wrap what we have so my grandparents can take them home at Thanksgiving. We always have trouble getting everything to Oklahoma so we figured this would save space. It was actually really fun but a little disappointing since it isn't actually time to get all festive. I am ready...I just LOVE Christmas....the lights, the music, the JOY of Christ!!!!! Today we went to church which is always wonderful & then went maternity clothes shopping. I don't really enjoy that....not much fun to buy clothes that make you look BIGGER but necessary just the same. I am already having trouble fitting into my pants...sad, I know...I am only 7 weeks. The really sad part is that I have only gained a pound & a half ...what is that about?!?!?! Oh well...I just have to keep focused on the end result. We have a doctor appointment tomorrow at 10...please pray that all is well. I am 7 weeks so we should be able to see the baby now. For some reason I am really nervous about this...I guess because we didn't have to go through all of this with Bishop. He will be most upset that we have to go back to mommy's doctor AGAIN...he thinks I go WAY too often:)! Boy will he hate the last month:)!

Well, I better hunter is home. I need to go see his new treasure but I will let him blog about "it"!!
More tomorrow......Happy Sunday friends:)!!

"...with GOD all things are possible." Matthew 19:26

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