Saturday, December 17, 2005

I still need a dog collar....

It is a week until Christmas!! ONE WEEK! I'm sorry but I am amazed at that thought. I wish I could say that we are ready and we ARE close but I cannot find a stinking dog collar. I have everything wrapped & decorated but I cannot find Shadow a new collar. They are out at most places & the few left at Target were, well, not cute. So, aside from the minor annoyance that I cannot find the dog a new collar, we are ready. I am trying one more Petsmart tomorrow & then he can just wait until after the holidays.

We wrapped the rest of the presents today....Bishop FINALLY took a nap so "Santa" could wrap his presents. But then I bought him one more this afternoon so I guess I will have to drag it all out again...oh well. As much of a pain as it is, I secretly enjoy it....I love EVERYTHING about Christmas:)!

We will be going to Oklahoma this year...I think that we are leaving Thursday night. We only have one place to be this year so that will be different. Lots of time with kind of Christmas:)!!

I better run....gotta put the kid to bed!! Happy Saturday!

OH....Bish is doing better but isn't well yet. His fever will go away & then come right back up but the doctor said that is normal with an ear infection. We are hoping it will be completely gone by tomorrow!!!

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LaShawn said...

I got two really cute collars at Petsmart for our "boys" yesterday. They had pet adoptions going....I had to call Jason to get him to tell me leave. I would have taken one with me. No where to put it but I would have.