Thursday, December 08, 2005

Picture Update

You would think that being cooped up in the house would give me lots of things to say...but it hasn't. The weather here is YUCKY!!!! We were iced in all day yesterday & most of today. I think that the roads are getting better but it is so cold who wants to go out? Being cooped up with a three year old for two days is wearing me out....I can't even describe how frustrated & negative I feel. It hasn't been awful...we are just very tired of each other. Bishop is hyper because he has been cooped up...I know it is not his fault bu it doesn't make it any easier. Brad has been home all day today & that has been nice. We are having a tift right now because I am taking a break on the computer but that will pass. I am updating our has been awhile. I hope that everyone is having a wonderful day. We are...I am just tired & understand, right, Shawnee??!?!?!/!?

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LaShawn said...

Completely...being cooped up made my attitude take a dump!