Thursday, December 15, 2005


Well it has been a ROLLER COASTER week. Nothing terribly tragic thankfully but when you are seems like a rocky roller coaster. I was sick all this week & that was awful...and now that I am beginning to feel better, Bish is sick. I went ahead & took him to the doctor today & all he has is an ear infection (THANK YOU LORD!!!!!) He has a high fever which is frightening for a mommy no matter how many times a doctor tells you it is nothing to worry about, and he has a cough and a runny nose. His doctor (who is fabulous) says nothing is in his chest or throat...just his ears so we are thankful for that. We got an antibiotic and will hopefully be on the road to recovery!! I however have lifted him way too much today because I wanted to comfort him & have WAY overdone it. I am going to have to start being more careful which is hard for me to accept. I hope this kid isn't too mad at me:)! Bishop is asleep on the couch right now...that's all he has doen today. It is awful watching your baby suffer....breaks my heart into a thousand pieces. I finally had to pray on the way to the doctor to let it go. I know that God is taking great care of my baby....I can't control it. I HAVE to let him handle it. And He is just like He always does!
We did attempt to go to school was Christmas party day. Our prayers were answered though. Even though Bish didn't get to go to his party, we got all of his prizes so we had a party at home:)! That made him happy & Brad was able to come join us & even my friend Rebecca. So Bish was pleased.
On a totally different note....does everyone eles realize that Christmas is NEXT weekend?!?!? I will finish up all my little things this weekend....stocking stuffers, wrapping, last minute gifts....should be FUN!!! We will be in Burleson so maybe the lines won't be too long....wishful thinking, I know:)!
Well good luck to all trying to finish getting ready for the holidays. Please pray that we can all heal & be well for Christmas!

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LaShawn said...

As long as you lift him properly you will be fine. That was one of my worries when I was preggers with Brodie, but my doctors assured me that since my body was used to lifting him that it was fine. Hope he is feeling better soon!