Sunday, February 25, 2007

As if things aren't crazy enough...

We showed the house today. As in, we gave someone that is interested in purchasing our home a tour of the house. We know her, she is a friend, and we haven't actually LISTED the house but the point is, we SHOWED THE HOUSE!?!?!? Are we nuts? As if our lives are not chaotic enough, we are considering moving. If we sell, IF that is in God's plan, then we would like to stay close by. We haven't listed the house yet, we are still praying about what to do, where to go....we just showed it to a family friend. She seems genuinely interested....I actually think it would be a great home for her. I have NO idea what we would do but I am not going to worry. If God opens this door, then He has a plan & we will go where he leads. SCARE BEAR, though:)?!?!? Please pray that we will follow God's lead!!

We had a wonderful weekend. We went to mom & dad's on Friday & played cards. We got up Saturday & went to a few garage sales....YEA, it is garage sale season!!! We shopped some & then went to church. After church, we met with Jennifer & Billy for a night out downtown. LOTS OF FUN!! Dancing, adult beverages, sushi, watching drunk people dance:)...we had a good time!

My computer went to the doctor on Friday, which means we should be able to post pictures SOON:)!! We called to check on it & the doctor told us it is VERY sick but they are getting there. We had FOUR trojan viruses AND spyware that they are having trouble with. No wonder it was running a little slow...:).

Good night all!!!


Lindsey D. said...

I will pray for you guys as you decide what to do with you house.

LaShawn said...

I still say you guys should move a little EAST!