Friday, February 02, 2007

Day 2...Good food!!

We had the most fabulous dinner tonight & I can't even tell you the name of the restaurant. It was a hibachi & sushi restaurant downtown. It was WONDERFUL! I didn't even order hibachi...I ordered combo fried rice & it was the best I have had since Huie's Palace & THAT is saying a lot:)! It was a bittersweet evening, however. We met to tell Brad's mom goodbye. She has been here for three months for work but now has to go home. She will be missed for sure. Bishop is going to wonder where his Gammy went & I know Shayden will change so much in the next two months!! I was going to post some really cute pictures of their goodbye hug but we can't them pictures to upload to the laptop. Hopefully tomorrow we can figure it out...I have some cute ones of Bish in the snow too. We went out for all of two mintutes because he wanted to play & taste the snow. As soon as we made one snowball, he realized just how cold it was & asked to go back inside. I was WAS cold:)! Anyhow...I am off to bed....
Goodnight beautiful people:!!!

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