Monday, February 26, 2007

Exciting times!!

My baby cousin is going to HAVE her own baby TOMORROW!!! I am so excited I can't hardly stand it!!!! I am so sad that I can't be there but I know she will have so many cheerleaders that she will probably be overwhelmed anyways. (I will be the annoying one calling her on the phone.. BUT I am the older cousin & I wrote the cousin handbook & I allowed myself that privelage:). I will get to meet her next week...I cannot wait to see & hold her. Shayden will have someone to beat up:)!?!?!? Please pray for her....most of you know Katie...she will go in at 5:30 and begin the process of induction. Pleasepray for a a speedy with no complications & a healthy baby. I will keep everyone updated!!


p.s. I have MY computer SOON!!!

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Lindsey D. said...

I am so excited too. We will probably go and meet Shyanne tonight when Charlie gets off of work. (It's kinda not fair if I go meet his neice before he does, so I will wait on him:) Call me when you get news.