Thursday, March 23, 2006

Playing Hooky

I should be at work & Bishop should be at school...that is the plain & simple truth. I took the day off because I have to work at McDonald's tonight & figured that i should not do both. Since I am planning on staying with Mickey D's next year I figured it made more since to work there. (That & i have a new manager that has never done a Spirit Night!!) So...Bish & I have done NOTHING!! He has watched movies & I have rested. (We did play some but mostly he just plays in my lap which is quite nice:)! This job has picked up lately....I hope that is a sign from God. I have been praying about the preschool...I have not felt God laying it on my heart to stay so I am feeling more peace about leaving. I would still like to sub if they will let me....I don't know if they will since I will have an infant. It will all work out...I know that in my heart. God has never let us down...I just want us to stay within His will for our lives. And I honestly LOVE my job at McDonald' is what I am good at....planning stuff:)! Shopping, being creative....I love it!!! And it looks good on my resume.....:) are some pics from last night. We are trying a new reward system with Bishop. If he can follow instructions & mind then he gets stickers & when he has enough stickers, he gets to go to Chuck E. Cheese or somewhere equally as fun. He did good yesterday so we went ahead & took him. He has had a good day so far....maybe this will help. I will gladly pay $20 a week for good well spent:)! I think I have given up on him behaving at school...don't get me wrong...he still gets in trouble & we talk about it but it is just not a good situation. I know that one of his teachers has singled him out as a troublemaker & I think Bishop has picked up on the negativity. I will be the first to admit that he is rough & hard to control but it IS possible. We had an incident a couple of weeks ago & Brad sat him down & talked to him about school. He asked Bishop if he liked this particular teacher & Bishop flat out said NO...he did not. So when he screams that he doesn't want to go to school it breaks my heart. I have thought about apporoaching the subject but have decided it is March & just to finish out the year & let it go.
Wow....I got long winded....I guess I needed to vent...THANKS!!!

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LaShawn said...

Ok I am a total flake. Here I was chatting away with you not realizing...HELLO...she should be at school. hehe Don't worry about the will be a challenge all through life for our boys. Some teachers just don't get BOYS...REAL Boys...the rough and tumble kind.