Wednesday, March 15, 2006

We're home!!

As you can see from the pictures we had a fun time:)! We got to go to the farm, to my cousins birthday party, see my new baby cousin, & have a trillion vanilla root beers at the Tunnel:)!! I think it is good that we don't have a tunnel here....I would drink WAY to much caffiene!! Bishop had a blast...traveling was a little harder on my body then I would have liked. I didn't get much sleep & ended up not feeling well so I am happy to be home. I had fun but it wore me OUT!! Mom & I ended up coming home yesterday evening. She even helped me unpack before she went home....BIG help!! Thanks Mom!! We had Small Fry today & I got to meet my new manager. That was a relief! He seems like a very nice guy & wants to keep going with all of the programs we already have in place. Whew! Bishop & I haven't done much today..I think I will have to go indulge him in a game of High Ho Cherri-o's! He loves that game & actually understands it so it is fun! Hope that you all had a great weekend!! I go to the doctor tomorrow so I hope I will have a good report to blog about! If you guys haven't had the opportunity yet...go check out the link to "At home in Arkansas." That is Brad's cousin, Kerri, & she wrote about the tornado's that swept through their town this weekend...very well written & it is a reminder of God's amazing power & grace!!!!

***********Shawnee...we are BEAUTIFUL!!!***************************

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LaShawn said...

Glad you guys had so much fun. Mom and Grannie are here until Sunday so I am getting spoiled.