Friday, March 03, 2006


It seems like so long ago has been a week!!! We had a blast though. We usually all take off Friday & go down early but due to job constraints we didn't leave until Friday night. We FINALLY got to Shreveport around 11:30...whoo hoo!!! It rained ALL the way there...that was comforting:)! We all got up Saturday morning & Dad & Brad went & roped us off a place to sit. We did a little shopping at the local stores & then went to eat a good ol casino buffet!! A pregnant woman's dream:)!!! (Oh would have LOVED it!!!) We went to the casion for about thirty minutes & were ALL able to lose a little money...not so whoo hoo. But then it was time for the parade so off we went. We got there around 2:45 & the parade was scheduled for 4:30 (you have to get there early). We had been there about thirty minutes when we found out the parade wouldn't be un til 5:30...GREAT!!! It was okay though. Bishop watched movies in the car & we played cards...the weather wasn't too bad. FINALLY as darkness came & it began to sprinkle (after being dry ALL DAY) the parade began. I am not sure why it is so fun but it IS!! Bishop became OBSESSED with catching the beads...he didn't want anyone else to have them. One float threw some cool ones & they hit the ground so my dad bent to pick them up. Bish walked over to him & said. "THOSE were MINE!" I don't know how he could even stand....he had so many beads around his neck. And this kid is NO dummy...he quickly realized that if he waved & smiled then they threw him TOYS!!!! It was great...I have never laughed so hard:)!! I think EVERYONE should come along next year:)!! Here are a few pics:)!!!! (I am posting these only because it is MARDI GRAS...I am not happy to be taking pictures this pregnant...or with curly hair but it was raining...:)

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jodib said...

Your hair might be short, but you're still HOT!