Monday, March 06, 2006

3 months is a LONG time:)

Well...another weekend has come & gone. Whew:)! There is SO much going on & yet June seems SO far away!! Tammy was here this weekend & we all had a nice visit though it was short....hopefully she will get to come back for the shower at the end of this month:)! She & Bish had a Gammy & Bishop day on Thursday...that was fun!! My parents came down on Sunday so Mom could go to Jennifer's shower & Dad helped Brad hang & paint trim in Shayden's room. Ahhhh...that is something else to get done...the nursery:)! That is fun but still WORK!! My house is a mess but I have given up on is all I can do to keep the laundry caught up & keep the family fed:). I am to the not so fabulous part of pregnancy... I am tired again & starting to swell & just feel overwhelmed. I am excited for this new chapter but am ready for it to begin.

My jobs are another issue right now. I am not sure whether I should keep both or drop one but if I drop one...which one?! I am praying for guidance...I am so unsure. I love working in a Christian preschool but they will have to charge for the baby & that will be expensive so I won't make much. I love McDonald's but my manager just quit so I am not sure where that leaves me. More stress....I know Elizabeth....stress deprives the baby of oxygen...I am not worrying...just WONDERING:)!!!!!

Brad is good....BUSY BUSY, but good. Bish is a nut! He is beginning to learn his alphabet....he can identify about half of the capital letters. He has a book that we like to read & he loves the He continues to amaze me EVERYDAY & is getting more excited about his baby sister. I am getting more & more nervous about the transition & him being away from me for FOUR days...that will be new!

Brad....I love you...please try to hang in there with me...I know that I am hard to live with right now. If Bishop could read...I'd tell him too;)!!!! They probably both wonder what happened to that sweet mommy that used to live here!!!

Her are some pics from this weekend!! Happy Monday!!


The Seargeant Family said...

nice blog :)

LaShawn said...

Believe me...all three of my boys are wondering what happened to Mommy too. Hang in there!