Wednesday, March 22, 2006


It has been brought to my attention that I blogged about going to the the doctor but have not reported on it. We got another good report...YEA!! I had to wait an hour & a half to see my doctor & do the nasty gluclose test so I didn't really enjoy it....but I shouldn't complain...everything seemed good!! The only trouble I am having is that I do not like my doctor. She was amazing when I was pregnant with Bishop...the BEST!! But this time she just doesn't seem interested. I don't know if they have aquired too much of a patient load or what but she rushes me out, won't answer questions, & even go argumentative with me over something silly. It does not make me feel good about her performing major surgery. I am praying for a positive experience in her office next time just so I can feel more at peace with her in charge. Seems like a small thing....sorry for complaining.

Shayden has been a bit of a pain lately...I have been experiencing Braxton Hicks contractions. They are not really all that fun but I am trying to keep more hydrated so that I can hopefully ward them off. She is quite an active little girl....I often wonder if she can possibly have the energy that Bishop has...frightening thought:)! Bishop is as ready for her to be here as we are...everytime we leave the doctors office he looks at me & says, "She didn't get her out!" As if I didn't notice:)!! He talks tp her everyday in the shower. He has the old faceplate off of my phone in there & that is how they communicate. He talks to Shayden on his "special" phone. It is very sweet...he sings her songs:)!!

Not much else new going on. I am still praying about working at the preschool next year. I have not felt God laying it on my heart to stay there so I am leaning towards quitting. McDonald's is in full swing right'd I get so busy there!??!?! I have three Spirit nights planned in the next two weeks....SHEESH!!! Brad is out of school for three weeks....PRAISE GOD!!! It is SO wonderful when he is not in school...I even got to go get a manicure last night...thanks baby!!!
Tammy should be here tonight LATE & I thought I wouldn't see her but Brad decided to switch to Direct TV last night so I have about 10 hours of programming to catch up on DVR before they turn it off. I CANNOT be behind on Amazing Race!!!! Bye guys! I will post some pics soon!!!

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