Tuesday, March 28, 2006

Shayden's Shower

YEA!!! We had Shayden's shower on Saturday & it was SO FUN!!! I hope it was fun for everyone else..I had a blast:)! We got SO much great stuff...Shayden is already SO spoiled & she isn't even here yet! She got some of the GREATEST clothes, bottles, blankets....there was pink EVERYWHERE! It was WONDERFUL:)!!!! The girlies bagged everything back up so when we got home I let Brad unwrap everything again...he had his own shower. He oohed & aahed for a little bit & then became a little alarmed at all the girliness of it all, I think:). I still have leftover cake too...that is a GREAT present:)!!

Not too much going on this week. We have Small Fry tomorrow& if the weather is nice we may go to the park & play. I am feeling very tired but I think that may be a feeling that isn't going to go away. I need to be going to bed earlier but it just doesn't seem to be possible. Bish is having a hard time going to bed & I would like to get to spend a few minutes of the day with Brad. Maybe tonight....:)

I better run...I need to go find all of my supplies for tomorrow! Happy Tuesday!


LaShawn said...

the girl is going to have to change clothes 5 times a day to wear all those clothes :-)

Kerri said...

Glad you had fun...sorry, again, that we couldn't make it! =) Enjoy the pink!