Wednesday, October 12, 2005

Pumpkin Patch

There are few things in life that never thing we have found that doesn't change is the ORIGINAL Pumpkin Patch in Flowermound, Texas. Today our little group of friends (minus one...we missed you Lori!) headed on over to the Pumpkin Patch to have some fun...FREE fun which is music to all of our ears:)! The Pumkpin Patch is a wonderful little patch of country in a city that moves too fast! You pull into a driveway with a giant orange pumpkin mailbox at the curb of a very busy street & you drive back to a sea of orange. There is someone to direct traffic because this is a BIG deal & it is ALWAYS busy. You park & then go pick out a wagon to go pumpkin hunting with. There are HUGE bouncehouses and hayrides. There are mazes built out of haybales & cutouts of very imaginable cartoon character to sit next to & have your picture taken. And there are pumpkins EVERYWHERE in every shape, size, shade of is pretty & somewhat scary all at the same time:)!! So this is where we went today. We did the traditional hayride....Bishop loved that...I told him it was like riding a train:)! We bounced in the bounce houses....well, not we...I didn't but Bish did. He was a little scared of the big one but he finally worked up the nerve to climb all the way through it & slide. Bish walked through the maze for little kids...he liked would have scared me to death...even the kiddie one:)! He walked around looking at Thomas & Buzz & Nemo & many other characters. He went & checked out the horses & the lone spoiled pig they seem to have. All in all, he had a blast!! We got some really cute pictures so I am posting a few. So...HAPPY FALL friends! Enjoy it...winter will be here soon!!

P.s For those keeping up...bedtime is still not going well....I am going to go supernanny him again while my pictures upload....

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