Thursday, October 27, 2005


We got another report from doctor today. I had more bloodwork done on Wednesday...they wanted to see if my hormone levels were rising like they should. She called just a little bit ago & all of my levels are doing what they should. We still need to do another sonogram in two weeks to see if we can see the baby & check on the heartbeat but right now I feel a little better. I feel a little more pregnant now:)! I don't why I doubt, I have been having some trouble with morning sickness & fatigue...but YEAH!! It will all be worth it in a few months. My friend, Jennifer & I, went to the hospital yesterday (that is where my doc's office is located) & went upstairs to look at the babies in the nursery. There was only one sweet little baby but that was enough wish our little one is here now!!! I am one of those women who thinks pregnancy is something one must endure to have a wonderful reward. I don't NOT like it....I just don't particularly enjoy it. I am however thankful to be pregnant & will most definitely make the best of it! So...there ya go...that is our most recent news.

Today was Fall Party day at school. Finally, a church that recognizes that kids love Halloween & that you might as well celebrate it in a Christian fashion because they WILL see Halloween everywhere else. Our church has a "pumpkin prayer" that teaches about Jesus love for us that goes along with Halloween & I can email anyone a copy if they would like it. It is neat! All of the kids got to go "trunk-or-treating." The kids all dressed up & of course, Bish wore his BUZZ LIGHTYEAR costume. Bish loved it & got more candy then we can eat in a year. A man from the church was also giving EACH child at our church preschool program a toy...girls got a Barbie & boys got a Hot Wheels Hauler. He did this because he wanted to & out of his own pocket. People sometimes amaze me...I try to remeber people like him when I am dealing with others that test my patience. After lunch, Bishop's class had a pizza party & decorated Halloween cookies. I got to go in for a little bit. Bishop was glad because there were lots of mommies there. His teacher offered me a piece of pizza & when I said I wanted some he went & got me what was left off of his plate. He may be as ornery as they come but sometimes he is so sweet he makes me want to cry:)!!

Well I better run...Brad has MORE homework to work on so I am going to dinner with a couple of friends. We are all taking our kids & YES we are nuts!! Happy Thursday friends....tomorrow is TGIF!! Thank you for all the prayers....I know that there is NO greater power!!!!

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jodib said...

I hope you have a girl. Then I'll have a boy and a girl that I can buy cool stuff for and spoil without having to deal with all that parenting responsibility! Thanks!