Tuesday, October 18, 2005

State Fair of Texas

IT IS SO MUCH FUN!!!!! We all had a GREAT time! We got there around noon & of course had a very unhealthy lunch of fair food:)! We walked in & went straight to the Pace Picante Sauce booth...they always have great samples & games. We were disappointed...they usually have a (fake) bull to take your picture with & he was gone but oh well....still had good samples:)! We then went on to meet some friends at Big Tex which is , of course, a very important fixture at the Texas State Fair. We went & looked at all the new cars & all the cool exhibitions. We went to the lottery how which we have done for the last two year & I got picked!!! It was SO exciting!! I didn't get to play any cool games but I did win tickets so...YEAH!! We went & watched the pig races...it was only all of ten minutes but it was a CUTE ten minutes. Bishop thought it was funny...I told him that one of the pigs was Babe & one was Gordy so he was really into it. I think he was rooting for Gordy to win so I guess we know who his fave movie pig is. One of the best parts of the fair is the "Little Hands on Farm." Kids get to walk in & put on an apron & water trees, plant & harvest crops, feed the chickens & "harvest" their eggs, milk a cow, feed a sheep & "harvest" the wool...they even get to pick up "bales" of hay & ride a tractor to deliver the hay to the cows. It is great & when they are done...if they did everything they get "paid" & when they turn in their money they get a juice carton & a snack. It is GREAT!! Bish loves it & it is funny because every year he can do more....this year he could PEDAL the tractor which is huge....it means he is getting SO BIG!! We ate lots of horrible junk food, we visited the Budweiser horses & the Fisher Price tents filled with toys galore. We even went & saw a butter sculpture of Elvis...I posted a picture in case you don't get the opportunity to see such a thing. So...we had a great time, we got lots of free stuff (thank you to Chevy, Pace, Cambells' & Fisher Price;)! I highly reccommend the event to EVERYONE...it is getting a little pricey but for all the junk you get & all the pricelss times & photo's, it is money WELL spent!!

GOD BLESS TEXAS!!!!!!!!!!!!

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Kerri said...

Wow! Bishop is getting so big...he looks like a little boy and not so much a toddler anymore! It goes so fast! Sounds like you guys had fun at the fair...I'm all about greasy, junky fair food. We went to a craft fair this past weekend and had some fried food of our own! Yummy!