Monday, July 31, 2006

Another LONG weekend...

It was another long weekend. Mom & I left early Monday afternoon to go to Altus. We left early because Shayden seems to travel better in the afternoons. The guys came later that evening. It was a weekend of many firsts as you can imagine. Getting up on Saturday morning & not having her there to talk to was EXTREMELY hard. And we decided to have a family lunch on Sunday before coming home & Mom was left to prepare it. I told Jodi that it was scary that she was in charge of the meals now...she said it was scarier that I was second in command of the kitchen now:)!! How true:)!!!
All in all, things are going well. Things are settling down a little. I realized this weekend as people were passing Shayden around just how much she has grown!! She really is getting big. She has learned how to roll over on her side. It takes great effort & is quite comical to watch but she can do it. She is getting good at imitating mommy & daddy. She can stick her toungue out like a pro...that's a great picture, huh?! She is beginning to smile at us...I can't wait to hear her laugh!! Bishop has been a pill lately...he is MR. INDEPENDENCE!! He is testing all of the may be a long week as I try to get him back in line. He is old enough to feel all of the tension that has been going on so I know it has just been a response to that. But we still have to fix just is not fun!!!!
I pray that things will continue to get back in order. We are having a garage sale this times!!!
Can I just say...I am half way through with my Christmas shopping?!?!?!? Sorry..I just wanted to brag...:)

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