Saturday, July 08, 2006


I just realized that the baby boom is ALMOST over!! Eight...yes, EIGHT out of nine of my friends have had their babies. It started in February when my cousin had her fourth child, Morgan. Than came Jennifer with baby Caden who was a prayer request on here because he came VERY early. Then came my cousin, Casey, then Lashawn with baby Chase, then Shayden, then Michelle with Baby Isabella, then Rebecca with baby Faith, then Sheila with baby Ryan. Only one remains...Miss Robin and she is due in November. I just can't believe all of the new life that is can imagine what it is like when we all want to get together now:). God is awesome...all of these beautiful miracles have been healthy, beautiful babies. I just wanted to post some pictures of all the new little guys...Isn't life amazing??!?!?

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