Friday, July 28, 2006

Lack of Posts....

I know I have been a big time slacker on posts lately. Life has just been difficult lately & I didn't want to post depressing blogs. It has been a long two months starting with the birth of our daughter to my grandma getting very sick & then passing away to a now colicky baby. Things are looking up...I am trying to channel my grief into something positive. My grandmother was a WONDERFUL women who I intend to blog on very soon...I just haven't had the strength to write it yet. The best thing I can do is practice what SHE preached:)! That said...I have been doing a crummy job but things are looking up...

I just want to thank everyone for all the prayers & support, the cards, the flowers. The prayers were certainly felt & are probably what is keeping us all going. We are going to Altus again today to finish up some things & help my grandpa get going. He has had someone to take care of him for 56 years so he needs to learn how to do laundry & little things:)! He DOES know how to run the dishwasher already:)!! So...thank you again!!!

I will be back on track next week. Shayden is doing better & things are settling down a bit. Here are a couple of pictures from this week (not very many...I have been slacking on that too!!)

Have a GREAT weekend!!!!

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