Monday, July 10, 2006


A lot of my blogs have been focused on Shayden lately. She is wonderful in every way but I wanted to talk about Bishop for a minute. He is such a beautiful little boy both inside & out. I know that this new sister has got to be hard on him...she has robbed a lot of mommy's attention...but you would never know that there has been a change. He has become a WONDERFUL big brother. He rarely gets upset when he is put on hold to feed his sister or when I can't play games because she is crying. He worries more about why she is crying. Early this morning he wanted to hold her like he does most mornings. He never holds her long but he likes to lay her in his lap & just look at her & he gets SO excited when she looks up at him or grabs his finger. "Mommy, Shayden is looking at me....she loves me." I snapped the top picture as he was explaining, "Mommy..Shayden is BIG now...she is growing like me. Her feet are bigger, her legs, her arms!" All the while just staring at her & pointing to various limbs. He is such a soft hearted little boy. At Brad's family reunion he got to meet his cousin who was adopted from Russia. He is a DOLL and immediatly ran up to Bishop & hugged him. Bishop hugged him back & then realized he had no hands. Bish instantly became concerned...not upset, just really worried as to what was wrong. If he inherits half of his daddy's charm & a fraction of his mommy's compassion then watch out world. He will be unstoppable!! Sorry, I just wanted to brag about my baby boy who isn't so baby anymore:)! If you have a moment...go listen to the song on this page...

Happy Monday:)!!

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