Friday, August 18, 2006

Just another photo shoot...

Does everyone get tired of pictures of the kids? I feel like I rarely blog on here is just pictures of the kids & updates on our that boring?!?!? I have REAL blogs on myspace...there is a link if anyone is interested.

Life is moving along. Nothing of note to really write about. As chaotic as my life seems...when you sit down to actually write about's kind of boring. Holding, feeding, playing with kids...laundry, dishes, picking up clutter. A trip to the grocery store, McD's one day, Sonic sometime betwen 2 & 4. Visiting friends to get out of the house...a little t.v., diapers, pottys, baths, a shower for me...BED:)!! And I get up the next day & pray for it to never end!!!

These are some pics I took the other day...some how they were both in a great mood at the same time?!?! I hope everyone has a BLESSED & WoNDERFUL weekend!!

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