Thursday, August 24, 2006

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The FIRST Thirteen Things I Would Do If I Won the $200 Million Jackpot

1. I would tithe my 10o God's works...
2. I would pay off ALL of our debt & that of my family
3. I would buy a lot of land somewhere out here & build several houses...none too extravagent...just REALLY nice:) for close friends & family to come live gratis
4. I would start a charity for single that provides housing & help for single moms trying to get on their feet.
5. I would also buy property on the Brazos river...going to be there a lot:)
6. I would donate $50,000 to the Humane Society
7. Buy new cars...I want a pink hummer & a Brad wants a ferrari of some sort...I think we will give away Ford Mustangs for Christmas that year:)
8. I would go NYC...anyone care to join me?!
9. Hey guys...we're all going to Vegas for the week:)!!
10. Elizabeth or Jennifer...can I offer you a job as a nanny?! I pay well...;)
11. Brad owes me my Disney World Honeymoon only I think we will take the entire family instead:)!!
12. I would probably quit my job...he he
13. RELAX...because I more financial worries...I would just enjoy life & volunteer, love my husband & kids & try really hard not to let it go to my head.

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