Thursday, August 10, 2006

Thirteen Things on My mind TODAY

1. Will this house ever be clean again or has the clutter taken over?

2. I really miss my Mama...I wish I could talk to her about the trials & tribulations of having two kids.

3. What will will happen now that Erica has won HOH on Big Brother?

4. my friend Lori

5. Will Brad ever understnad what I do all day?

6. Planning my anniversary is a month away at least but I need a break so bad that I am already dreaming about it.

7. My kids I enough...I feel like there is not enough of me to go around.

8. I would really like to have the Coach patchwork tote...will they still have it at the outlet around Christmas?

9. Should I cut my hair or leave it long...highlight or dye it?

10. What kind of item should I make for our church's annual Harvest fest...I wonder if I can convince McD's to donate something?

11. My mom, aunt, & grandpa...I worry about them...they are having such a hard time.

12. Shayden & her stomach issues...will things continue to get better?

13. I really need a pedicure...I could read while they paint my toes...I love the book I am reading.

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1 comment:

LaShawn said...

I need a pedi too. What book are you reading?