Friday, August 18, 2006

Thirteen Things That Annoy Me

1. The TEKS test & the educational system in Texas

2. People who talk crap about the President...he is doing the best he can...I LIKE HIM...there, I said it!!

3. People who disappear from our lives only to reappear a few weeks or even months later & pretend like their absence was no big deal.

4. People judging other people because they are not like them...

5. That ALL Sonic's don't have happy hour...they should.

6. Brad & his laundry hard is it to get dirty clothes to the hamper?!?!?

7. Complete strangers who think it is okay to come up & push their beliefs & idea's on me.

8. Wireless internet...sometimes it works well...sometimes it doesn't work at all...hence the reason the Thursday Thirteen is being done on FRIDAY!!!

9. 80's clothing...I mean, who decided to bring that decade back?!!? YUCK!!!

10. The amount of hair that my dog sheds EVERYDAY!!

11. People who say they are going to do something, don't do it, & pretend that it never happened!!

12. People who try to guilt people into coming to church or other religious activities...this is not the way to reach people.

13. The fact that I REALLY want to take a nap & it will NEVER happen!!!!

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