Wednesday, August 09, 2006

New pictures

I am really running out of creative titles. I just wanted to share the weekends pictures with everyone. I guess this is really an update on the kids....

Shayden is getting bigger EVERYDAY!! She constantly changes. She is smiling now & crying less which is a HUGE relief!! She can turn from her back over to her side. She can hold her head up pretty well & is even beginning to play with her kick & play. She is still a little fussy in the evenings but not near as bad as she was. She is TWO MONTHS OLD TODAY!!! That is shocking to me!

Bishop seems to mature more everyday also. Some of the things he says just floor me...who is this kid & where did he come from?! He is supposed to be a barely talking 2 year old. I listened to our answering maching a while ago & the difference in how he talked then & how he talks now is amazing. He uses words like "actually" & "frustrating." I slammed on the brakes the other day & he told me, "That's not good, Mommy." NUT!!!!! He finished his last day of school yesterday...he is taking a year off. We have already bought a couple of books to work on at home. He knows the alphabet & numbers so I guess we will start letting him try to trace the letters. He is too smart for his own good!!! He is now obsessed with the Power Rangers. He can't watch the movies but he loves the action figures! He still loves trains & Buzz & even the Wiggles. He & Brad went & saw them in concert last weekend. HE LOVED it...he is ready to go back. Bishop still loves having Shayden here which is amazing considering how much time she takes away from him. He still loves to hold her & when she is crying & I ask him to give her the paci...he says, "That's just how she talks mom!" Love it!! Such a GREAT big brother!!!!

Love you all..I must go tend to the children...:)

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