Monday, September 18, 2006

My Random Thought Process

I guess after you drive the same route home (there is ONLY one way:) EVERYDAY you begin to notice things. Like the Speedway cars...they often change directions or float to the edge. Sometimes one or two even disappear. People who drive by notice this...I am not the only one...I have asked around. The one thing that I have really been wondering about is the strange farm up the road. The farm's sign boasts about their cattle...yet the ornate decorations on the sign are horses. And I have NEVER once seen a cow on their land...a few horses & one donkey but NO cattle. That is goofy advertising but not what I have been noticing. Since I drive by at least once a day & pay attention to the donkey because he stands out...I have noticed that he stays close to this ONE horse. Everytime I drive by he is always standing next to the big,pretty, brown one. There aren't that many horses & the one he stays closest to is bigger than the rest so you can tell it is the same. I know why the donkey is out there...he has a job to do but I have to wonder why he stays closer to that one horse than the others. I have seen them locked in the lot together by themselves, away from the rest of the you think they formed some kind of bond?! I know this is a weird topic but it interests me. Any ideas, Linds?! So...there ya go...that is how bad I do NOT have a life...I am concerned about the horse & donkey that live down the road...God help me:)!
I hope everyone is having a FABULOUS Monday...due to illness I don't have many new is what I have!


Robin said...

I can explain all of this to you...I learned all about it in my colt, chaos and communication class last summer...the donkey is the leader horse's is natural organization, chaotic formation if you

Mandy said...

Equines ar very social animals, especially donkeys. They HATE to be alone. Why he chose that horse to be his friend probably has nothing to do with how big that horse is. When we got our miniature donkey she buddied up with the mare we least thougt would ever get along with her. But that mare felt as if the donkey needed HER protection. Its a personality thing. Big brother type. I love their personalities, they are way better than humans because they will never judge you or get upset at the things you do or say. Thats why I surround myself with them!

Mandy said...

By they way, I think I want to blog about this later!