Thursday, September 07, 2006

Since I have not posted much in the last week, I will take a cue from Shawnee & give a brief summary:)

* We had a wonderful time in was all a little bittersweet considering it was the first family gathering since losing my grandmother. My grandpa is doing okay...still having a rough time. I still love home but it will never be the same.

* Brad began a new work out this week to get into shape. I'm glad that he is trying to be more healthy though I don't understand the point since he continues to dip. It is also more time spent away from home but that is all for another blog...

* Shayden & Bishop continue to grow like weeds. It occured to me today that in a very short time Shayden will be a year almost made me cry. She is a happy baby for the most part...she is so smiley!! Bish is being somwhat of a pill...we are battling what I am sure is normal 4 year old stuff & adjustments to new baby sister. It is SO hard to be a mother of a boy...I get so sick of the judgement from mothers of little girls. They look at my son like he is an alien & at me for allowing such madness. NEWSFLASH...I don't allow it...he is a three year old little boy. If you haven't ever had one full time...BACK OFF. He is a lot of fun though...he will definitely keep me young:)! I just can't believe how BIG he is...I mean...really...where did time go?!?!?

* I am truly becoming a desperate housewife. I sell things on ebay to have some income...I KNOW!! Stop laughing!! I have decided that you cannot be both a housewife AND a stay at home mom...those are two different things entirely...but that is best reserved for a blog of its own.

* We have a full weekend ahead which I am sure Brad dreads but I love since I am home most of the time. I am looking forward to Kristi's shower!

* These are the latest pics I have...hope you enjoy!!

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