Friday, September 08, 2006

Thirteen Things that I like about ME
(challenge accepted!!)
1. I am an original...there is no one out there like me. I think differently...I am fabulous:)
2. My eyes...they are unique. A strange color of blue but very striking with my dark hair and ghost white skin.
3. (Wow...I am already struggling...) My loving nature...I truly love everyone. I may not like a handful but it is my nature that they will never know it. I HATE to hurt anyones feelings.
4. I love to make people feel special...I think everyone should know that they are special.
5. The relationship I have with Jesus makes me a better & much more happy person!
6. I am a good friend...I will stand by you. I will listen...I will cry with you...I will hold your hand or drive three hours to give you a hug.
7. I am a good wife & mother. Not perfect...not even great...I can accept good. I try my best to keep everyone in my home happy.
8. I like that I am getting better at speaking my mind. I ALWAYS try to do it in a way that doesn't hurt or offend but I am trying not to be so agreeable just to appease.
9. I am frugal. That is a nice way of saying I am cheap...but I like that about me. I want to believe that even if I win that $2,000,000 jackpot that I will still go to consignment sales:)!!
10. I am neurotic...I think it is charming;)!
11. My compassion for all people. I watch Oprah & cry for women on there. I have a deep empathy for people.
12. I am good about sending cards...I got that from my grandmother! Everyone loves mail so I try to send smiles through the mail!
13. My is nice!!! :) See..look at this blog...I am obsessed with smiles:)!!!

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