Friday, September 15, 2006

(you don't HAVE to's MY blog:)!
1. I think being a stay at home mom is the hardest job on the think air traffic controllers have it rough...they should try to navigate a three year old & a three month old through an entire home...when it is raining...& they are sick...HA
2. I think that there are some men out there who think they are quite charming but are really just annoying & rude. They should consider keeping their mouths closed & be careful who they repeat things to.
3. I think that kids will be kids....let them just BE kids.
4. I think that we should give control back to doctors & hospitals & take it away from insurance companies. My insurance company should not be able to tell me which doctor I can see or what medicine I should take.
5. I think that slice & bake cookies are better than my homemade ones:)!
6. I think that i have a somewhat bad attitude today because I am SOOOOOOO tired!
7. I think that people forget that marriage is a sacred covenant with God & it is not something to be just thrown away because it gets "hard." You don't quit work because it gets hard...why would you quit the person you made solomn vows to? (there are exceptions...please don't send hate mail!!)
8. I think that family is super important & they should get together as often as they can. Life is short...
9. I think that I am supremely blessed to have the friends that I have...each one brings something fabulous into my life. I love you all!!!
10. I think that we should not judge or condemn one another. It is all about loving EVERYONE. If we all loved each other inspite of our flaws & opinions, the world would be a much happier place!!!!
11. I think that Olive Garden has the BEST fettechini alfredo in the world...I LOVE it!
12. I think that my husband should do something special for me everyweek. I mean, I do take care of his house & raise his children. I think I need a little attention!!
13. I think I need a a bar...surrounded by my girlfriends...COME ON...let's pick a night already!!!!

Frazzled LaShawn

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LaShawn said...

You rock my socks! Love the whole list. AMEN TO NUMBER ONE!