Friday, September 22, 2006

Thirteen of My Favorite Celebrity Guys

(they are all but a close second to my wonderful husband...)

1. Patrick Dempsey...a.k.a. McDreamy...those baby blues...I have loved him since he was a geek on "Can't Buy Me Love"

2. Matthew McCouneghy...can you say TRUE BLUE TEXAN?!?!? I love that he would rather live in his airstream trailor then in his Hollywood dressing room!!!

3. Vince Vaughn...he is not the best looking on the list but he is SO funny that I think I would laugh if he read me the phone book...& that IS hot!

4. Toby Keith...again...not the best looking...but he labels himself "White Trash With Money" can you resist that?!?! A redneck with MONEY...that could be wild!!

5. Nick Lachey...can you say, "TEAM NICK" I think Jessica Simpson has lost her mind...this boy gives new meaning to the word beautiful!! (And he sings too...HELLO!!)

6. Vin Diesal...YUM!! I had forgotten about him until I watched one of his movies this weekend...he is so cute & isn't all Hollywood.

7. Ricardo Chavira...think Carlos on Desperate Housewives...he is a bad boy with money...girls love that!!

8. Marc Cuban...can you say BILLIONAIRE??!? He is rich, cute, owns a sports team, has a big heart & is a smart mouth...he has it all, ladies!

9. Brian Austin Green...I had to include a 90210er...David was always the dorky sidekick but he grew up nicely:)!!

10. Chris Daughtry...another sexy bald man. He looks like my husband & he sings like a dream...what is NOT to love?!?!?

11. James Tupper...he is the new guy on Men in Trees & he is adorable...mysteriously handsome...that is a killer combo!!

12. Will & Mike Boogie off of Big Brother All Stars...they are SO funny...I fell in love with them this season. Ambitious business men with cash flow & out world!!

13. Josh Duhman...VEGAS did I forget him?!? He is tall, dark, AND handsome!!

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Jennifer said...

After last night's episode of GA, you may want to add McSteamy to this list. WOW:)