Wednesday, November 01, 2006

My Weather Pixie

I have felt the need to blog on this subject for some time and someone finally commented on it so I finally am. Does anyone else pay attention to her?! I mean the summer, her outfits were was SO hot that very little clothing was more than acceptable. And as it cooled off into the seventies...she started wearing a long skirt with her tank tops...again...fairly apprpriate. But is COLD! The temperature reading is 57 degrees at the moment & the little pixie is wearing a tank HALTER top!! I do NOT think so!!! I am in layers & the top layer is a heavy fleece!!! So, I have decided my weather pixie is either a crackhead or a hooker...I am not sure which. I have been tempted to delete her but it is actually REALLY nice to just pull up the blog & see the temperature. We don't have a "time & temperature" phone number to call here. Speaking of...does anyone from V-town remember that?!! I still remember the number...552-2544.
"Herring National Bank time...., Herring National Bank temperature...& then it gave a short weather report!! I miss that...:)

Have a great week...I will try to blog about Halloween tomorrow!!!


Jennifer said...

You are way behind in your blogging Ms. Shana... no birthday, baby shower, or Halloween blogging, shame one you! I'm not really one to talk though, I haven't blogged since Sept!! I do keep meaning to blog though, it's all Ryan's fault:):)

Kerri said...

Ha! A crackhead or a prostitute? Neither happy options. Too funny.

Lindsey D. said...

oh shana,you are too funny. i love that! i have not blogged in forever b/c when i try to post pictures it tells me my server has timed out and my connection will be reset. i don't know what is up with that or how to fix it. n-e-ways i love the weather pixie. hooker or not at least she is stylish! cold but stylish

Renee said...

We used to have that here ... I'm sure it still exists. I cannot remember the number though.