Saturday, November 04, 2006

My family...

To day has been a wonderful day spent with family. Brad is out of town on a hunting trip and it is also race weekend so the kids & I are bunking at mom & dads. We got up early to take Bishop to a special viewing of the newe Veggie Tales movie, Gideon. He was the only kid there:). He sat through most of it & was his usual charming self. We then drove on to a local outlet mall & did some shopping. It was nothing major...nothing we did today was life altering or fabulous. But it was just such a wonderful day. Love just pours out of my parents hearts. They truly just love to have us around...even when Bish has a bad attitude or Shayden is crying...they just love having us here. Even when we are at the mall & all my dad does is entertain Boo & my mom is constantly helping me carry Shayden. They are a tremendous help...they allow me to do things without the kids. My mom is in the living room feeding a fussy baby & my dad is in the kitchen playing Trouble with Bishop. Why? Because they love me...because they love my kids. They don't have to let me come back here & blog...I can't even express the gratitude that I have for these wonderful people I call Mom & Dad. I am SO thankful that God blessed me with them.
We ended the day at church which is always a great finish. I must add that I am thankful for my church family as well. I love walking in the doors of that building & knowing that every person there loves me too. I must close this now because I want to go socialize with my amazing family....:)

This is me playing with a large portion of my day is spent. I LOVE MY FAMILY!!!!!


LaShawn said...

we have both been blessed with AMAZING parents!

Lindsey D. said...

you do have great parents and great kids too

Anonymous said...

You make me cry . . . I had some pretty good examples show me what kind of a mother I'm supposed to be.