Friday, November 17, 2006

Day 14...Feeling better

I feel better...I do not feel completely "fixed"...I am still having some trouble with my hands & feet but I think I feel a little better. Either that or I am getting used to it...but I want to believe I am getting better:)!!! I ventured out today...we went to the local grocery store. We only go to the local one for meat...they have a great meat counter. I feel old for admitting that i care what the meat counter is like but since I have a degree in restaurant management I think we'll blame it on that:).
Tonight I have a question for my fellow bloggers or anyone else who might happen upon my random blog. I am getting ready to write the annual Baker Christmas letter. On a recent episode of Desperate Housewives (yes I AM a Desperate Houswife...:), Bree announced that no one likes to read "real" Christmas letters. She said people don't like to hear that life was difficult or that "things" happen...they want to hear a nice version of the year as if we are all perfect. Is that true?!? I want mine to be uplifting & positive but I don't want it to be a fabrication either. Things happen, this was absolutley the hardest summer of my I want to, but do I want to tell everyone that it was all roses & again. Please let me know what other people enjoy reading...I LOVE getting Christmas letters & read what is happening in others lives...I want to know how they REALLY are...not how perfect they would like me to think they are. Just thought I would get some input...I will probably compose it in the car next week!! Love & hugs to EVERYONE!!

And kisses from Shadow too...:)


Lindsey D. said...

Tell it like it is girl. Don't make it sound all rosey and wonderful when it was not. Just because you tell what really happened this last year does not mean that you are complaining. If I were you I would also wright about what wonderful cousins you have:)

LaShawn said...

Shana, BREE IS NOT REAL!!! (and she married into a crazy ass family) I want to read the real thing!

Anonymous said...

Write it like it was! Your dad says that is not your most becoming picture. He said it, not me!


Susan (Mandy's mom) said...

I enjoy getting a 'family' letter in Christmas cards, and I think most people is a way to catch up with family and friends that we do not see often. I have never written one - I would find it hard to condense a year onto one page...Ha!
I like the picture of you and Shadow - a 'family' photo! I enjoy reading your blog and looking at your pictures - you have a beautiful family.

Kerri said...

Ditto to all that has been said...I LOVE to read Christmas letters that are REAL. If you don't include the bad stuff there's no opportunity to give God glory for carrying you through...everyone knows life isn't perfect and it might even be kind of therapeutic for you to write about it all anyway. =)

Mandy said...

Its kinda like that thing where you shouldn't ask people how they are doing unless you actually want to stop and here it. I want to here it, that is what the letter is for, to let everyone know what has gone on the past year.